These are the seemingly small things that bring me great joy.
  1. New linen sheets from restoration hardware
    Got these last week and let me tell you they are BUTTER for your bod. Head. To. Toe. I've all of a sudden started sleeping through multiple alarms. Coincidence? I dunno dawg you tell me.
  2. Getting artwork framed
    This gives me such joy. I feel accomplished
  3. Lassen's
    The zen I find in this place is so sick you guys. I try to find excuses to just pop in real quick. Quest bar? Need them. More almond milk? Sure. K A L E
  4. Buying furniture
    Bought a mid century modern credenza and felt sooooo 💯. On the hunt for a bookcase so don't even worry about it. ADULT ANYONE?
  5. Nails 💅
    Gotta have my mani for that piece of mind.
  6. Getting somewhere early or on time
    I am always "running behind" and it drives me crazy. I actually don't know how to get to places on time so if anyone has any tricks please tell me. On the off chance that I am early I feel very proud--BUT WHAT DO YOU DO WHILE YOU WAIT?
  7. Home Depot
    I'll spend hours here. Just trying to figure out what kind of soap I need. Their lightbulb section is glorious--just take my word for it.
  8. Sex and the City reruns on E!
    I like to think I'm Carrie, but let's be real, I'm Miranda
    I go absolutely nuts when I hear a Mimi track. Must see her in Vegas but also afraid that I'll pass out and miss the whole concert
  10. Sitting by @kylyzak 's fire pit
    My homegirl has the s'more fixings