1. Tickets to see Serena Williams play any match anywhere in the world. I'm not picky.
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    Extra points for tix to a Serena AND Venus doubles match. They're sisters, they're on the same team, and seeing them work together is exhilarating. Check out the pic I took at the US Open of these two whispering tennis secrets mid match!
  2. Make me a smoothie or make yourself one and pour me the lil extra
    Smoothies take thought and I really appreciate it when people have their "special recipe"--when you let me in on that I'm like 😍
  3. Coffee
    Bring me a surprise cup, make me one at home, or my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE: LET ME MAKE YOU ONE WITH MY AEROPRESS. I love to make someone a cup of coffee! Also, any chance I get to say "now that's a damn good cup of coffee" to someone (as opposed to out loud to myself) IRL is absolute heaven. Let me be your Kyle McLaughlin
  4. Be nice
    I love nice and HATE mean. Don't be mean. Please.
  5. Call me out on my bullshit
    @ruddybuddy is v good at this and I love her so much for it. True love and friendship is always having to say "you're being a real dummy" and never having to say you're sorry. (The movie Love Story got it half right fyi)
  6. Empire
    Let's talk about it for hours and quote Cookie Lyon all day.
  7. Impromptu dance party: oldies edition
    I will love you 4 Eva if you blast Sam Cooke and the Everly Broz.
  8. Sauvignon Blanc
    I will tell you all my secrets over a chilled bottle.
  9. Lactaid pills
    Shoutout to peeps who carry these bad boys with them. May I have one plz?!
  10. Cookie Casa
    BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE IN LA. Right @kylyzak @ruddybuddy ? cookiecasa.com