It was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I watched it many, many times. I saw it again for the first time as an "adult"
  1. I am Tom Arnold
    I just am.
  2. Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome!
    A nice reminder that she is a really great and funny actress. Great physical comedy and both fierce and earnest at the same time.
  3. Jamie Lee Curtis' body is 🔥
    Excuse me JLC? Cool super high waisted deep v thong. Work. It. I feel weird/like a perv posting a pic of this. Google "Jamie lee curtis true lies underwear" to see for yourself.
  4. The movie is both intentionally AND unintentionally very funny
    I can't think of a lot of movies that do this. The script is funny and there are so many hilarious moments that totally work and then there are some very cheesy awkward moments that don't. 👏👏👏 fun all around either way
  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger's face when he's having fun playing thumb war with his fam is worth it.
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  6. Bill Paxton is pretty special
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    He is hilarious as a total sleaze.
  7. Tia Carrere will always take me back to "who's Anthony, who's Anthony?" "My drummer"
  8. I miss Tom Arnold
  9. via @mwepper : Jamie Lee won the golden globe for best female performance in a comedy or musical in 1995.
  10. I guess I REALLY like James Cameron...?
  11. Arnold Schwarzenegger is fantastic in this!! The guy can carry a movie.
    @mwepper take it away with a sublist!