1. I wake up feeling so many different things. But maybe because this is so overwhelming and confusing, I label this as being numb.
    I don't know what the actual feeling is. But all I know is that i want to get rid of it. And i don't know how.
  2. There are things I need to do: go to class, go to therapy, and just live life
    I see my friends and I don't want to be that girl whose still depressed that I laugh. Be too happy. That makes me actually want to be happy and I know things that give me this rush: impulsive actions
  3. Actions are not justified if those actions are impulsive
    Realistically, my impulsiveness is not OK. But knowing that hurts because right now, that's the only thing that gives me this feeling of being OK and happy.
  4. I'm scared
    I'm really scared. Scared that I might need more therapy, scared that the last 3 years that I call a nightmare is still not over.
  5. I wish I could be normal: be happy with the now and eat what I want and not have to think about the consequences
    I wish I didn't need to feel sorry to everyone around me all the time. I wish I could stop having to hurt myself