1. I tried to use the word comply in a paper but had to delete it because of Bucky
  2. I remembered that Beyoncé is going to perform countdown on her tour and I cried
  3. About to fall asleep when I suddenly started to wonder what color I was seeing as my eyelids were closed (bc it's not just black! There are other color thingies flying around!)
  4. I am very pathetic and a garbage person but I really love myself
  5. Yesterday someone in my class was eating a sweet potato like an apple, just holding it in one hand and chomping in
  6. They are playing such horrible music here, it is not worth being here even a little bit
  7. I am trash but I love it
    I saw a guy pumping his bike tires and thought "good for you, get it guy"
  8. Why she using baby voice
    She's wasting my time with her slow talk and frustrating me with her tone what the heck man blalakdjfbrkajdhf AND she loves the DHB professor!!!
  9. Lol @ that girl posting a feminism video about how women dress
    Your favorite insult is "slut!"