1. I don't have those feelings about him
  2. I don't feel that way about him
  3. The _____ gene
  4. I think that would be perfect
  5. You don't understand
  6. In my life of living
  7. Dead horse beater (dhb)
  8. Reiterator
  9. Finisher-aunt edy
  10. Awwww-aunt edy
  11. Whatever-aunt edy
  12. Captain obvious-Gaby about dad
  13. By the way-aunt judy
  14. I just want to tell you-aunt judy
  15. Incidentally -papa marty
  16. The contextualizer OR tangentialist
  17. Grandma: "she looks fat!" Judy: "we just saw her she's not fat she's beautiful! Grandma: "I don't think fat is bad"
  18. Reflector