Though I still haven't seen HAMILTON live, I've listened to the soundtrack dozens of times (partly bc I get new stuff out of it every time). These are a few of my very favorite tracks
  1. The Room Where It Happens
    A mini-masterpiece within a masterpiece. This song alone is a scathing look at the secret, often hypocritical way political power works in America, and the way it drives some people mad. This song has at least three separate sections and I never want it to end
  2. Cabinet Battle #1
    I'm obsessed with Hamilton's blistering put-down of Jefferson (and by extension, the entire slaveholding South) since I first listened. But of course a great thing about HAMILTON is its refusal to treat its protagonist's enemies (Jefferson and Burr) as straw men. Instead, it allows them to state their case, and Daveed Diggs gives Jefferson such swagger you almost want to root for him
  3. It's Quiet Uptown
    I've never not cried to this song. Kinda reminds me of Tolstoy's two scenes of Christian forgiveness (one in Anna Karenina and one in War & Peace) and the way they frustrated Dostoevsky because they were so good he couldn't match them
  4. Non-Stop
    The fact that this epic halftime finale climaxes with the revelation that Hamilton once wrote a lot of essays (51/89 of the Federalist papers) makes me want to go WRITE EVERYTHING
  5. Helpless
    Just the loveliest little love song. Makes me happy
  6. Honorable Mentions
    Satisfied, What'd I Miss, One Last Time, Guns & Ships, Yorktown