Made a much more comprehensive Tumblr post here (, but figured I might as well do something here too
  1. "The Sea of Crises," by Brian Phillips
    I think Brian PHILLIPS is maybe the best writer currently working on a regular basis. His every sentence astounds me even when he's writing tennis game recaps, but with a meaty subject (as he gets here) he delivers a masterpiece.
  2. "What the Joker Was Doing Naked," by Alex Pappademas
    Alex Pappademas was my second favorite writer at Grantland and a personal hero, so he dropped a lot of masterworks too. But I'll always remember his first piece for the site, about the 2011 DC reboot and the plight of modern superhero comics.
  3. "Rise of the NBA Nerd," by Wesley Morris
    Morris' movie reviews were insanely eloquent, but minus the structural restrictions of the newspaper reviews that won him a Pulitzer, I thought he tended to get a tad ramble-y. I sometimes preferred his 'Sportstorialist' columns, such as this masterpiece that goes from LeBron's cardigan to an incisive analysis of black masculinity via Carlton Banks.
  4. "How 'Selma' Got Smeared," by Mark Harris
    Harris was my favorite Oscar prognosticator, knowledgeable of the horse race stuff but also unafraid to lend his own analysis. This great post explained this year's complicated controversy
  5. "The Replacements' Rapturous Return: Two Different Takes," by Steven Hyden
    This piece demonstrates why Hyden is one of my favorite music critics: equally capable of objectively analyzing music and passionately freaking out about it.