Things I learned from watching Stranger Things

  1. watch out for screamy tooth flower man
  2. the 80s had worse hairstyles than i thought
    Are they serious with this? It's straight up bouffante
  3. the people with the least teeth make up for it in spirit
    love u dustin ❤️
  4. if someone looks like the kfc guy they are almost certainly the bad guy
    is he going to sell me fried chicken? if so i still can't forgive him.
    seriously, ew
  6. winona ryder, more like WHINE-ona ryder
    she's really whiny. listen lady i get that your son is missing but is that tone really necessary
  7. the government is even more evil than we all thought
    and i already thought they were evil from the start
  8. if there are dust particle floating in the air, IT'S ANOTHER DIMENSION
    seriously this could happen in our dimension, they need a bigger distinguishing characteristic for the upside down
  9. stranger things more like slimier things
    flower guy i'm lookin at u
  10. seriously everything bad is slimy
    not even just the flower guy
  11. including the guy that looks like the kfc guy
    he's garbage
  12. the modern tv-watcher is too dumb for science terms
    they had to call it the upside down because we're too dumb to understand the multiverse theory