My Nyc: A Visual Tour

I lived in 8 different apartments during the 7 years I lived in greater NYC. Each time I moved I truly believed there was a legitimate reason. In retrospect I'm not sure wtf I was thinking. Here is a visual tour of the habitual jaunts of my 20's.
  1. The Benson: 143 East 34th Street
    A sliver of a building nestled in between 2 larger ones in post-college Xanadu, Murray Hill.
  2. 255 W. 14th Street
    Assuming the cockroaches create Craigslist ads for this building and laugh when humans try to comfortably co-habituate. It's above the Associated Supermarket for fuck sake.
  3. 95 Horatio Street
    Meatpacking luxury building before this area was completely overrun by tourists. The Highline was just a rumor, and Flourent was still open.
  4. Independence Plaza North: North Moore St.
    TriBeCa luxury or low income housing. Depends on who you ask and when. I lived here for exactly 2 days.
  5. The Habitat: 154 East 29th
    Technically this is Gramercy and this is what I told anyone who asked. Don't be fooled, The Habitat is however the epitome of Murray Hill.
  6. 207 West 11th
    Charming building in the West Village. Slightly less charming when you live with your boyfriend and his best friend in an 800 square foot apt with a galley kitchen and 1 bathroom.
  7. 41 Perry Street
    Arguably the most beautiful street in the West Village. The snow covered trees, the air rich with inspiration from poets and musicians of another time, the coffee shop on the corner filled with books. It hardly mattered that my boyfriend and I lived in a studio with our shower in the kitchen. But after a while, it did.
  8. TriBeCa Tower: 105 Duane St
    My NYC crescendo. We lived on the 45th floor is and was fucking unbelievable. I will never have that view again, where I could see where I had been as tiny specks and the water and beyond.