This was one of the best art experiences of my little life.
  1. I loved this tribute to Kyle Minogue's "All The Lovers" video. What a breathtaking homage!
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  2. Someone traveled inside my brain and finally made art that reflects how I truly FEEL.
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  3. I yelled "YAAAASSSS KWEEN" so loud and for so long at this statue that I've now been classified by the Norwegian government as a "noise terrorist."
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  4. This one gets at the heart of Patricia Arquette's role in BOYHOOD in a much more succinct fashion.
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  5. Unclaimed pile of babies. I think a theme of this park was "babies are evil demons." I can get on board with that.
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  6. I realize this symbolizes mankind holding up the crushing weight of the world. Dat ass tho.
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  7. Butch queen first time in drags at a ball.
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  8. Such a lovely tribute to Marge Simpson. I was moved to tears.
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  9. Crossfit isn't a workout. It's a lifestyle.
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  10. You can't really gauge the size here, but this dude had a dick the size of a Coke can.
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  11. "I'm thirsty! I'm basic!"
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  12. "I find that yoga actually gives me MORE energy, you know?"
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