"Hollywood is soooo accepting of gay people!" is something I hear a lot from people who are straight-up uneducated. Also, none of these people were openly gay when they actually won their award.
  1. Joel Grey - Best Supporting Actor, 1972, Cabaret
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    Came out in 2015.
  2. Jodie Foster - Best Actress, 1988 & 1991, The Accused & Silence of the Lambs
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    "Came out" in 2013.
  3. Linda Hunt - Best Supporting Actress, 1982 - The Year of Living Dangerously
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  4. ***Tatum O'Neal - Best Supporting Actress, 1973, Paper Moon
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    Okay, so ONE DAY after I post this list, Tatum gives an interview to People Magazine where she says, "I like women... I definitely have been dating mostly women recently." But of her sexuality she says, "I'm not one or the other." Don't know if she means bi or just generally queer, but what the heck, let's throw her on the list.