I went on Jeopardy! when I was 21. Regular Jeopardy, not College Jeopardy. I got 21 questions right. Here are the ones I got wrong.
  1. CATEGORY: Rock Band. $200. The law of superposition states that any bed of rock must be older than another bed here.
    Me: "What is below it?" Correct answer: "What is above it?" So this was only the third question of the entire game and the first time I buzzed in first. I KNOW my geology but in the heat of the moment I got confused by the wording of the question and interpreted it backwards. My score dropped into the negative. I almost shit my pants.
  2. CATEGORY: World of Warcraft. DAILY DOUBLE (I bet $1200). Introduced in WWII, this company's Me-262 jet might have made a difference but for a fuel shortage.
    Me: "What is Boeing?" Correct Answer: "What is Messerschmitt?" Guys, chill out. I knew Boeing was wrong. Daily Doubles are terrifying. You are FORCED to answer, even if you don't know it. I had no real strategy on Daily Doubles other than betting a little more than the question was worth and not betting an insane amount relative to my total. I knew it wasn't Boeing. But I had no other guesses and I think it's lame just to be like "I don't know!" $1200 was on the line!
  3. CATEGORY: Grand Theft Auto. $600. Compact cars top the list in most states, but in West Virginia and Texas, the most commonly stolen vehicles are this type.
    Matt: "What are SUVs?" WRONG. Luis: "What are tractors?" WRONG. Me: "What are trucks?" At this point, I'm like FUCK YEAH, I got it right, screw you guys for getting it wrong. And then... Alex Trebek: "Be more specific." In my head, I'm like whaaaat? I'm picturing a pickup truck (correct answer) but I can't remember what it's called. I want to start describing how it looks but that won't count. Running out of time I say, "What are flatbed trucks?" I'm so ashamed.
  4. CATEGORY: Johnny's Classic TV Theme Songs (the announcer read lyrics, we guessed the show). DAILY DOUBLE (I bet $2000). "Well, the names have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams have returned & they've turned around."
    Me: "What is Cheers?" Correct answer: "What is Welcome Back, Kotter?" This was the THIRD Daily Double I found (I got the second one right in "World of Dance" 💃). That's right, I found all the Daily Doubles, bitches! I knew it wasn't Cheers but I thought maybe there's a second verse I don't know about. We never had cable TV growing up. No Nick at Nite. When was I supposed to have seen this show? I'm a millennial, get me out of here!
  5. FINAL JEOPARDY. CATEGORY: Celebrity Marriages. I bet $9401. Her third husband won a Best Actor Oscar in the '90s; her 2nd husband, like her dad, is a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer.
    Me: "Who is Taylor?" Correct Answer: "Who is Lisa Marie Presley?" I'm winning by $2800 (I have $15,000). If I bet $9401 and get it right, I win, even if the 2nd place guy bets EVERYTHING. I see the category is Celebrity Marriages and think "HOLY SHIT YOU JUST WON JEOPARDY!" Then, this question. My brain goes like this, "Liv Tyler? No. Liv Tyler? No." Running out of time, I write Taylor just cuz Liz Taylor was married so many times. It stumped all 3 of us. 3rd place guy wins by $2. 😔😔😔
  6. I had nightmares about this game for years afterwards.
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