All Pokémon are sexy, but some Pokémon are sexier than others.
  1. Jynx
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    No explanation needed. Flawless KWEEN. Bustier ON FLEEK.
  2. Original fat Pikachu
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    🎶Don't go changing, to try and please me🎶 You didn't have to change, Pikachu. Be proud of your juicy body.
  3. Twink Pikachu
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    Okay, not gonna lie, Pikachu did get pretty hot after he moved to West Hollywood.
  4. Ninetales
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    Dior. Chanel. Balenciaga. Ninetales.
  5. Tangela
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    I want to get lost in your mane, Tangela. Leave your shoes on.
  6. Rapidash
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    Rapidash, your pussy is LITERALLY on fire.
  7. Ditto
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    Okay, here's the thing. Ditto can transform into anything, and will probably transform into you. Do I want to have sex with myself? 100% yes.
  8. Mewtwo
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    This gym bunny needs to CALM DOWN. Yes, your body is amazing, but I do not CARE about your crossfit regimen.
  9. Doduo
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    Did somebody say TWIIIIIIIINS?!?
  10. Bellsprout
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    LEGS. LEGS. LEGS FOR DAYZZZZ. This badass bitch is on paraaaaaade.
  11. Persian
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    That look is purrfect. Serving me LEANNESS and MEANNESS. I'd like to see a softer side though. Stop relying on that body!
  12. Farfetch'd
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    Always shows up with a prop. Very 50 Shades. Enlighten me.
  13. Cubone
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    I feel like I ran into this guy in a sex club in Berlin.
  14. Mr. Mime
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    This bitch is always down to clown.
  15. Jigglypuff
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    I like 'em curvy and Jigglypuff is just that. One continuous curve.
  16. Eevee
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  17. Porygon
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    Sometimes you just wanna cyber.
  18. Dragonair
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    Sleek. Aerodynamic. Realness. House of Saint-Laurent.
  19. Charmander
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    Charming naïveté emanating from this one. Butch queen first time in drags at a ball.
  20. Missingno
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    There is nothing sexier than an air of MYSTERY. Oooh, Missingno, please screech sweet glitch sounds in my ear.