Aesthetically speaking, these flags belong in a special United Nations Hall of Artistic Shame.
  1. Bangladesh
    057264c1 684c 4cee a76f de68932b50e6
    It looks like olive loaf that went bad. Gag me with a চামচ (that's Bengali for spoon).
  2. Haiti
    6598cf24 61ac 4e7c 8779 b87acc0fffa1
    I'm sorry, Haiti, is that... clip art in the center of your flag? Did you edit this flag in Microsoft Paint?
  3. Belize
    2e47deb2 b545 48c9 9692 10c8376e3b2a
    This would be good if it were in a 6th grade art fair. But it's not. It's a goddamn national flag!
  4. Central African Republic
    8be3bf7e a46d 41b2 885b 56c33bd5d51a
    The red bar down the middle makes me feel insane.
  5. Dominica
    4adc3490 0eba 4069 b324 e99ecde80088
    This is supposed to be a flag. Not an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. Could have fooled me.
  6. Mozambique
    4d2ae6d3 c99c 4144 9b89 6c59eed5a4c3
    Hold up, is that a fucking AK-47 on your flag?! Go to the principal's office, we need to call your parents.
  7. Mauritius
    B41b88bd 4a60 43ff 8584 cbcfc8711107
    Everything that Seychelles did right, Mauritius did wrong. Crayola in a bad way.
  8. Tonga
    7c92e954 ad68 4caa 8322 aee86bb865d4
    This isn't a national flag. This is a CRY FOR HELP. Quick, someone send Graphic Designers Without Borders!
  9. Madagascar
    9e666da4 00c8 4bcb aa5c a91ac9ad25fc
    You are a tropical jungle island filled with delightful lemurs and THIS is what you came up with?
  10. Lithuania
    E6a1c5a3 28de 4de1 af7d 8a61e1251ea3
    I'm only okay with this flag if everyone in Lithuania is color blind. Are they? They're not? Okay, then it's an F.
  11. Libya
    003bb9fe 0014 447f a7f6 69ac548ac77b
    Libya, remember your old flag? It was just a pure green flag with nothing on it. It said, "I don't care what ANYONE thinks." Stop trying to fit in.
  12. Equatorial Guinea
    3b54685a 9ec3 4489 98a6 c92d9afbf34d
    "Look, my nephew just learned how to draw a tree!" "Great, sir, but should we really let him design our nation's flag?" [advisor is executed]
  13. Afghanistan
    85955e4f 6bd1 4947 b45c d1415eab7366
    Would you write an essay in white ink on colored paper? No? Because that's what it looks like you're doing in the center here.
  14. Ethiopia
    333d37db e779 415d 8eb6 06f225edb431
    This is a nightmarish cousin of the Israeli flag. Why is the star shooting off laser beams? Explain yourself.
  15. Maldives
    Ee43b12c 458c 4151 9da8 a41a1ba7c2fa
    Maldives, did you... did you not have enough time to complete the assignment? Is everything okay at home?
  16. New Zealand
    120d9905 aa0e 45c0 bb1c bc3c9bf7fbc2
    "What if we just did a shitty version of the Australian flag?" "Sounds good to me, let's call it a day." [man high fives a sheep]
  17. Armenia
    A180b553 7f66 454c b305 f8e309534d09
    This is the ugly sweater your great aunt gave you that you HAVE to wear when she visits.
  18. Russia
    75fa3918 79c6 4b73 949e 0c55e773469c
    When you were the USSR, you had one of the best flags OF. ALL. TIME. Now you're serving me mixed-up Netherlands? 😴😴😴
  19. San Marino
    442cbab0 4feb 4e61 9c58 623ab12f303a
    Is this a real country or a Wes Anderson movie? Because I can't tell from your twee-as-hell flag.
  20. Lebanon
    D08286d9 b0bc 49e4 a962 4238cb784d9e
    They tried to do what Canada did but they bought the whole damn tree.
  21. Dishonorable Mention: USA (current)
    C289df01 ff2a 424a b921 636dffdcbed5
    This isn't an F. This is a "redo the assignment." This is a wake up call for the A student. Take one thing off before you leave the house! If you're going to have 13 stripes, don't have FIFTY stars. 13 stars was enough! Trust your instincts, USA!