If I had to call it today, these would be my top 10 movies of 2015. Still haven't seen some contenders and may update accordingly (Anomalisa, Son of Saul, The Hateful Eight, etc.)
  1. CAROL
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    One of the most beautiful love stories that I have ever seen. Deeply queer but fully universal. Rejects the tragic narrative seemingly demanded of LGBT film. I can't stop thinking about it:
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    The best Boston movie ever made. Fully captures my hometown from the bland fashion to the look-the-other-way culture that enabled decades of abuse. Made me physically sick. Not a moment wasted.
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    It's easy to get me to cry from sadness but very rare that I cry from joy. This movie made my heart soar and has an oddly powerful message about a woman's right to choose her own future.
  4. 45 YEARS
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    One of the best endings to a movie I have ever seen. Without spoiling, the entire movie rests on a final reaction shot of Charlotte Rampling. A master class in the power of subtle acting. I can't get this ending out of my head.
  5. ROOM
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    I've never heard an audience cry so LOUDLY. Human resilience and human vulnerability starkly on display. Jacob Tremblay delivers maybe the best child performance of all time? (Sorry Quvenzhané)
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    I can't believe this is going to lose the Best Documentary Oscar to AMY. The sequel to THE ACT OF KILLING is a chilling reminder how we inherit the tragedies our parents endured and how a nation's scars are never truly healed. Indonesia's genocide deserves the attention this film gives it.
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    An incredible German film about the echoes of the Holocaust and about what makes a human identity. Much like 45 YEARS, the ending will floor you.
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    From the people who brought you WALLACE & GROMIT, comes an animated film that is pure joy. I can't think of a single error in this basically silent film.
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    A brilliant Brazilian film about how social class isn't as permeable as we would like to believe. Regina Case should be in this year's Best Actress race.
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    Finally an awards-quality film with the courage to cast trans actresses as its leads. Incredibly powerful film about what it means to have a "found family" in the LGBT community. My favorite Christmas movie.