I've worked very hard to curate a wonderful, hilarious Twitter feed. So I figured I'd share some of the magic.
  1. @lawblob
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    @lawblob is still one of the masters of weird Twitter, and I think this tweet illustrates why.
  2. @OneTrickTofani
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    Millennials and the way older people treat them like exotic animals will always fascinate me.
  3. @DamonHunzeker
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    Classic. Hot take on the out of touch Hollywood remake/sequel culture.
  4. @bobvulfov
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    I would like to read a paper citing all the instances of oily, seedy landlords gumming on wet cigars in movies/cartoons.
  5. @2tonbug
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    Great, simple thought that I never had before this tweet.
  6. @Merman_Melville
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    Nice, subtle way of comparing our "Peter Pan" generation to those past.
  7. @david8hughes
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    I'm sure we all feel like this at work some days.
  8. @NotFunnyJ
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    Putting a weird, purely ceremonial idea into perspective.
  9. @Brampersandon
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    Another solid weird Twitter account.
  10. @audipenny
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    Great way to illustrate how strange and removed-from-reality those commercials are.