As well as who I was at the time I held those jobs. Not my complete work history.
  1. poolboy69_thesexnumber
    [16, first job at a swimming pool] AWAY MESSAGE: g2g lol my mom fell down the stairs 1 hour ago & still hasnt made my pizza rolls rofl wat the fuck is wrong with her
  2. happydaze420_thedrugnumber
    [19, Camp Counselor at 'Camp Happy Day'] AWAY MESSAGE: *~fukk luv gimme diamonds~*
  3. Labrat666
    [21, worked at my university's library in The Digital Media Lab] AWAY MESSAGE: brb trying to engineer a vagina onto a corndog
  4. horny4death
    [22, sold high-end photographic equipment at a camera store] AWAY MESSAGE: wake up. work. drink to forget. repeat
  5. post_pro_fucko
    [23, interned at a post-production editing house in Downtown Chicago] AWAY MESSAGE: "What if this is as good as it gets?"
  6. OnionRingWorm13
    [24, Writer's Assistant at The Onion] AWAY MESSAGE: be back soon trying to convince myself my job is amazing hit up the cell if u need me
  7. death_cassanova
    [25, Manager at a Custard Shop] AWAY MESSAGE: hold on trying to figure it all out