Some of these *may* be specific to my life experience...
  1. Calling someone the wrong name
    ATONE: Descend an unexplored jungle cave and come out on the other side transformed
  2. Getting walked in on in the bathroom
    ATONE: Private flogging
  3. Walking in on somebody in the bathroom
    ATONE: Public flogging
  4. Having one of those shitty passive-aggressive couple fights in front of friends
    ATONE: Hire a lagoon creature to chase you up flights of stairs
  5. Sneezing during a conversation and having a truly strange amount of snot come out to cover lips and chin
    ATONE: Spend a night in 'The Well of Echoing Naughty Children'
  6. Enthusiastically telling a risky joke that no one laughs at
    ATONE: Read every comment on a Facebook debate thread
  7. Drunk texting
    ATONE: The Spider Closet
  8. (Almost all) Drunk confessions
    ATONE: The Cockroach Closet
  9. Just generally drunk
    ATONE: The Tucker Max Closet
  10. Awkwardly trying to buy a woman a drink immediately after she buys one for herself
    ATONE: Give your first child to Brendan Fraser.
  11. Choking on food just enough that you have to wordlessly leave the table and throw it up in the bathroom
    ATONE: The Chokey
  12. Going to hug your Dad for the first time since you were small and him just keeping his arms pinned to his side
    ATONE: Eat a peach, but the pit is one of George Washington's dog teeth
  13. Being a tween
    ATONE: Break rocks for eternity