My list of the Best Arctic Monkeys albums and the tracks that (partially) define each record.
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    Favourite Worst Nightmare
    TOP TRACK: "Do Me a Favour". Without a doubt the band's most underrated album, "Nightmare" includes plenty of bangers, but what distinguishes it is the complementary (and perfectly balanced) addition of mature cuts as well.
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    Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
    TOP TRACK: "When the Sun Goes Down". Not much to say here. For a good time, the fastest selling debut album in British music history. Sums up everything about the cultural shift and indie rock revival of the mid-2000s.
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    TOP TRACK: "Fire and the Thud". The most sonically obvious growth for the band (from "Worst Nightmare" to here), I'll never understand the fans who don't enjoy this record. About as close to pure 70s Rock the band has ever flown. A weird, fascinating, foot-tapping collection of songs.
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    TOP TRACK: "Do I Wanna Know?" An arena rock slow burner, Do I Wanna Know? is one of the 'biggest' songs the Monkeys have ever recorded. Sexy and sad. Slinky and reflective.
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    Suck it and See
    TOP TRACK: "That's Where You're Wrong". Surf-y, uptempo, genuinely heartfelt: Represents the best parts of the album. Perfect for getting over a summer break-up at night. "Don't take it so personally/You're not the only one/That time has got it in for honey/That's where you're wrong."