For those that don't know, "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is a legitimate sentence in the English language. Here's how.
  1. First, let's start with the three different meanings of "buffalo".
  2. 1) The animal
  3. 2) The city in New York
  4. 3) Finally, the verb that can mean "to intimidate"
  5. Let's break it down to the simplest form of the sentence without any modifiers: "Buffalo buffalo buffalo."
    OR "Bison intimidate bison"
  6. Then you add the modifiers that tell you where these bison are from: "Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo."
    OR "Bison from Buffalo intimidate bison from Buffalo."
  7. Finally, the trickiest part. You can add a strange restrictive clause in the middle that tells you more about the first bison: "Buffalo buffalo, Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo."
    OR "Bison from Buffalo, themselves intimidated by bison from Buffalo, intimidate bison from Buffalo."
  8. *sky darkens and Buffalo Lord reveals himself, laying out in detail how he played the universe like a puppet to create a language where his sacred name repeated eight times could constitute a grammatically correct sentence. He sets the world on fire, laughing. Laughing. Laughing.