Here is a collection of *almost* every email Joe and Kathleen send each other in "You've Got Mail". I left out one or two from the film's last third.
  1. Joe - New York in the Fall
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  2. Kathleen - You've Got Mail
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  3. Joe - Caesar's Palace
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  4. Kathleen - Butterfly Hats
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  5. Joe - Flour Mystery
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  6. Kathleen - Pride and Prejudice
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  7. Joe - Starbucks
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  8. Kathleen - Good Night, Dear Void
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  9. Joe - Hello. It's Mr. Nasty
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  10. Kathleen - "Blank"
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  11. Joe - Zingers
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  12. Kathleen - Christmas and Missing Mom
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  13. Joe - "What is it with men and The Godfather?"
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  14. Kathleen - All This Nothing
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  15. Joe - Apologizing
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  16. Kathleen - Closing Up Shop
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  17. Joe - Stuck in the Elevator
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