In September I left my job as a Manager at a Frozen Custard Shop (Confessions of a Custard Shop Manager) to be a receptionist at a boutique post-production house in Downtown Chicago. Here are some thoughts and musings on the experience so far.
  1. My job title is technically "Director of First Impressions"
    When I was offered the position my boss asked me what I wanted my title to be. I was like "Is that legal?". He texted me later that day with this suggestion and ordered my business cards that night.
  2. There's definitely a palpable stigma being a *male* receptionist.
    I've endured a lot of chuckles when I've told people what I do, including my Mom: "haha you're a what?"
  3. My job is very easy!
    My boss sold me on this job by promising I'd have plenty of time to do whatever I want. So, at the moment, I'm sort of getting paid to write my new sketch show that will open in April.
  4. On a related note, I'm becoming a Rubik's cube master.
  5. My job can also be very frustrating.
    In a lot of ways, I'm the face of my coworker's frustrations. If something is wrong in the company, I'm often the first person people go to. If something doesn't go their way, I'm an easy target.
  6. ...
    In addition, the Ad industry is lousy with entitlement and some days I feel incredible resentment. But then I remind myself I'm very lucky to not only be employed, but have health insurance and have time to work on my creative pursuits.
  7. Office bathrooms are a nightmare.
    They're quiet and intimate and those are the worst qualities a bathroom could have.
  8. I hate sitting all day.
    I've gained weight since starting this job and it upsets me that I have to start going to the gym.
  9. I deal in comfort.
    In addition to fostering a productive work environment, I also want to keep morale high. To that end, I've started decorating our chalkboard with fun, mostly interactive things so people can take a breather and forget about work, if only for a few minutes.
  10. ...
    For the chalkboard, I cycle through self made crossword puzzles, Velcro-word poetry, surveys, polls, trivia, riddles, themed boards, contests, and taping up pictures for people to deface with sharpie.
  11. I've also worked to make the office cozier. Here's a picture of the floating shelves I've installed at my desk, as well as my magnetic tape reel clock.
  12. I miss being able to blackout during the week.
    I miss my unpredictable schedule. I hate going to crowded bars on the weekend.
  13. The job is lonely.
    Everyone who works here has their own group: Producers, Editors, Assistant Editors, etc. I'm both physically and socially removed from the rest of the office. Though I have to say everyone is very nice.
  14. Anyway, here's a picture of business cards I made for myself in third grade: