A partial list of graphic t-shirts my mom bought for me roughly between 2004 - 2006.
  1. "I Smell Like Strippers"
    From American Apparel. Classic and right to the point: I have never kissed a girl, but I'm old enough to objectify women.
  2. "Let Me Be Frank..."
    From Hollister. This was my favorite. It features a man with an 80s hairdo beginning a sentence, "Let me be frank..." And he has a name tag that says "Frank".
  3. Some Choices Are Just Out of Reach
    From Urban Outfitters - Design by Rocky Davies. The designer's name was printed on the tag.
  4. Actually, I Don't Mind a Little Junk in the Trunk
    From American Eagle. Great shirt to get your virgin tween to expand his tastes in pornography.
  5. Same Shi(r)t Different Day
    From American Eagle. This shirt was actually produced to look filthy. Because nothing's cooler than not showering when you're 15.
  6. House of the Sublime Pleasures
    From Express. That's a woman spread-eagled.
  7. Cocaine Blows
    From an Online Retailer. Perfect shirt for someone who had never even tried alcohol yet.