Inspired by @carey
  1. January
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    Chuck E. and the Make Believe Band welcome a New Year, and a New You.
  2. February
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    The bright neons. The thrill of the stage. Don't forget to push yourself this year!
  3. March
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    Get your Spring Break on. You earned it.
  4. April
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    Springtime. Rebirth. Be anyone you want, but always be yourself.
  5. May
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Jasper T. Jowls on the rhythm guitar!
  6. June
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    Summer time! Unwind after a long Winter!
  7. July
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    Pasqually is the epitome of the American Dream--First generation Italian immigrant who is a chef AND professional drummer!
  8. August
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    The end of another Summer. Let foxy Helen Henny (pictured here in the 60s) ease you back to reality.
  9. September
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    Time to focus on work and studies!
  10. October
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    Stand strong during the spookiest month of the year!
  11. November
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    Mr. Munch on the keyboard welcoming you into the Holiday Season, baby!
  12. December
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    Great year, everybody.