I used to be obsessed with Nick Mag.
  1. This is the cover for the May 2002 issue: Spider-Man I guess was coming out that Summer? I was 12 years old.
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  2. Table of contents. Highlights include an article about how outrageous the lines for the "new" Star Wars movie (Episode II: Attack of the Clones) were.
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  3. The Ads in this thing are amazing.
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  4. Letters to the Editors. Danielle B. from New York says, "I saw Big Fat Liar twice and now I know more about the stars because I read the magazine. I really enjoy it."
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  5. Ad for Tommy Hilfiger.
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  6. Slimy Swamp Pie recipe (1/2)
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  7. Slimy Swamp Pie Recipe (2/2)
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  8. Ad for Oreos Cereal
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  9. Some early roles of A-list celebrities Courteney Cox Arquette, Lucy Liu, Elijah Wood and James Van Der Beek.
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  10. Interview with Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob Square Pants.
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  11. Ad for Tony's Pizza: "Eat so your feet can hit the street."
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  12. Cover story: Web Heads (1/2)
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  13. Cover Story: Web Heads (2/2)
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  14. The last page was a caption contest.
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