1. @marymurphy: Melba's Fixins Peaches and Cream
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    She just puts it all out there and is sweet as pie.
  2. @michael_circa91: Melba's Fixins Lemon Meringue Pie
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    Similar to @marymurphy, but a little more sassy.
  3. @DanaDigsYou: Triple XXX Root Beer
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    Refreshingly sex positive.
  4. @kallee: Rummy Grapefruit
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    Slogan: "Get Chummy with Rummy!" Kallee's fav soda. Sweet and sour.
  5. @sarahgorman: Dang! Italian Cherry
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    Very funny and self-aware.
  6. @drugs: Lemmy Sparkling Lemonade
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    Has a real bite.
  7. @meg1: Reed's Raspberry Ginger Ale
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    Pseudo-healthy. A welcomed twist on a standard flavor.
  8. @katemccarthy: Reed's Ginger Beer
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    Like @meg1, but more intimidating.
  9. @amber: Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer
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    Hard to pigeon hole.
  10. @hotdogs2go: Dog N Suds Root Beer
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  11. @gwcoffey: Coca Cola
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    Large following, but deservedly so.
  12. @tatertotfreak: Lucky Club Cola
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    My ListApp Secret Santa. Cool af.
  13. @nathanveshecco: Bundaberg Ginger Beer
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    Excellent taste.
  14. @stevecady: Pineapple Fanta in a glass bottle
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    Because he's my twin brother and I'm an expired can of Pineapple Fanta with a half-corroded rat accidentally trapped inside. Steve is classier and cleaner than me.