1. "Ernest Saves Hip-Hip"
  2. "Ernest Goes to the Pharmacy to Buy Plan B for his Girlfriend"
  3. "Ernest Maintains his Personal Brand"
  4. "Ernest Goes Back in Time and Shakes Hands with his Father, Who is Just a Young Boy"
  5. "Ernest Waits in your Dark Bathroom"
  6. "Ernest Plays the Knockout Game"
  7. "Ernest Makes Sure No One's Home, Then Eats One Of His Roommates' Leftover Crab Rangoons"
  8. "Ernest Palms A Basketball"
  9. "Ernest Goes Through The Motions"
  10. "Ernest Purchases A Safe House In Paris Just In Case He's Ever Accused Of A Crime He Didn't Commit"
  11. "Ernest: Resurrection"
  12. "Ernest Strategically Releases A Sex Tape"
  13. "Ernest Skips The N Word While Performing Karaoke"