Tonight (10/27/2015) I bought a six pack of Misfit IPA by Wild Onion Brewery, drank four of them, and watched a few music videos.
  1. Drops of Jupiter
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  2. Closing Time
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  3. Secret Smile
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  4. Mr. Jones
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  5. Long December
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  6. The Remedy
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  7. Sex and Candy
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  8. One Headlight
    B634d04d 552f 452b 81db 5f2a7428eb1a
  9. Loser
    2d427267 222e 439f b6e0 ad628e975523
  10. Creep
    03bcf932 78ca 44c3 a6e4 5f0b888a0c21
  11. The Scientist
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  12. Maybe Tomorrow
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