As some of you may know, for the past three years @stevecady has been tweeting only Home Alone related content for the first 25 Days of December. Here is the definitive ranking of those years, so far:
  1. #3: ✨2014 (FIRST YEAR)✨
  2. The primitive first year. The beginning of an ambitious exercise in tedium. Maybe it's impossible to look back on 2014 with fresh eyes, but in the age of nostalgia-overkill, most of the tweets from this year haven't stood the test of time.
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  7. #2: ✨2016 (THIRD YEAR)✨
  8. For the third year in a row Steve has tweeted only Home Alone related content and, mostly, hasn't repeated himself. Doesn't quite have the creative spark of 2015, but can we blame him?
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  13. #1. ✨2015 (SECOND YEAR)✨
  14. Unquestionably the best year. Having done all the 'easy' Home Alone tweets in 2014, Steve somehow managed to wring some fresh takes from this annual, self-imposed challenge.
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