1. Such a lovely day! We are so blessed to witness another morning free from The Frog man!
  2. Oh no...The government has issued a level 1 Frog Man warning. Maybe it's just a test? But the Frog Man test usually happens every third leap day...
  3. Okay. This is not a drill. The Frog Man is coming. Just stay calm and ready your hot peppers and Titanic memorabilia. The Frog Man hates hot peppers and Titanic memorabilia.
  4. Here comes the Frog Man.
  5. The Frog Man will set fire to everything we love. We have disrespected him for too long.
  6. We should have listened when the gypsy woman pulled us into that dark alley and hissed that the Frog Man would rise.
  7. Hold your family/loved ones close. It will all be over soon.
  8. May the heavens forgive us for our hubris.