Inspired by @stevecady. With examples of my own results.
  1. (1) Your first name + (2) Your Father's response when you were younger and told him you wanted to take tap dancing lessons
    Chris Laughter
  2. (1) Your last name + (2) Something non-human you think it'd be wild to have sex with
    Cady Flubber
  3. (1) Father's Middle Name + (2) What you look like in Photographs
    Terrence Japanese Water Ghost
  4. (1) Uncle's Name + (2) A movie you spent actual money on in 2003
    Chuck Malibu's Most Wanted
  5. (1) Your Middle Name + (2) A chain restaurant you love despite it being vaguely racist
    Patrick Cracker Barrel
  6. (1) The name of your first pet + (2) A food mascot you'd have sex with
    Sheba Hamburger Helper Glove
  7. (1) Mother's Maiden Name + (2) Favorite Side Character from "Tom and Huck" with a sorta porny name already
    Summer Muff Potter