I just got my Secret Santa package last night and it was fucking 💯x1000
  1. Thank you @tatertotfreak for actually some of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received!
  2. She's from Ithaca! And the Ithaca Beer Company is famous (she assures me)! So she got me a pint glass!
  3. We already followed each other!
  4. She likes Arctic Monkeys, too! So she made me a tie with the "AM" logo fucking sewed onto it!!😍💕😍
  5. And wrote me a goddamn letter! A real honest to goodness handwritten note 😍💀😍<--- Me being love dead
  6. Thank you so much @tatertotfreak , aka Joanna. You're a true treasure.
  7. Thanks for arranging this @ChrisK