Selected Storyboards from the Breakout Film I'm Writing for My Twin Brother and I

"Twinjustice" is a courtroom thriller set within the morally compromised world of law.
  1. When rookie attorney Steve Cady (@stevecady) is incapacitated during the first big case of his career, his bad boy twin, Chris, must seamlessly step into his brother's shoes, fool everyone, and win the trial.
  2. We're first introduced to my character, Chris Cady, when I pull into a convenience store on my kickass motorcycle.
    I'm a loose-canon scammer who doesn't play by society's rules, a stark contest to Steve's by the book lawyer.
  3. At the convenience store I encounter a fat-cat jerk harassing the man working the register. I smoothly disarm him with my signature yo-yo.
  4. Later, after Steve scores the first big case of his career, the corrupt prosecutors he's up against hire some thugs to get rid of Steve.
    They beat him within an inch of his life, pants him, and throw his partially clothed body off a bridge.
  5. In the hospital it's decided I, being physically identical to Steve, will pretend to be him and continue arguing the case.
    No one can know about my true identity, though, or Steve will be disbarred and lose the trial.
  6. I must even fool Steve's wife and children.
  7. All the while Steve's brilliant, seasoned co-counsellor (played by Gabrielle Union) falls in love with me while I'm undercover.
    She, of course, has no idea about the twin-switch.
  8. There's a montage that shows two things: 1) Steve teaching me about law and 2) Gabrielle Union and I making love 100 times
  9. Things come to a head when Gabrielle Union finds out Steve is married (i.e. thinks I'm married) and thinks I've been playing her the whole time.
    She makes a scene in court on the most critical day of the trial, forcing me to come clean about the whole scheme and make a big dramatic speech.
  10. The film ends with Gabrielle Union and I riding off into the sunset, each on our respective motorcycles. Steve is disbarred and disgraced because what we did was illegal.