1. "Old Man Custard"
    I've listed about him before (OLD MAN CUSTARD - PT. 1 and OLD MAN CUSTARD - PT. 2), but he is truly an enigma to me: A strange older gentleman who looks like Old Man Marley from "Home Alone" and patronizes the Frozen Custard Shop I work at.
  2. "Two Mixer Girls Simulating Lesbian Sex"
    When I was in 6th grade, I went to a lot of Catholic Grade School mixers with tweens from other schools. They were all sin paradises. One night I remember Outkast's "Hey Ya!" came on (like it always did) and two pre-teen girls busted out a CHOREOGRAPHED dance to it. It involved a lot of grinding, simulated sex, and some impressive timing. The chaperones broke it up after a mob formed around them. I wonder what those girls are doing now...
  3. "Kinkos Angel"
    When @stevecady and I were toddlers, a man approached us at a Kinkos and gave us two flat pennies wit the "Our Father" prayer stamped onto them in tiny script. We turned around to show our Mom and when we turned back to thank him (mere moments later), he had vanished...This is the closet I've come to a religious experience.
  4. Any Stranger I've Gotten to Know on Planes or Trains
    Some I've gotten to know quite well. Some I've had incredible and effortless conversations with, feeling a very real friend-spark. All I've never talked to or contacted again.
  5. "Mexican River Man"
    While visiting my Mexican friend Santiago in his native country we rented a boat and cruised down a river I can't name. While on the river, a homeless man on a floating door paddled past us. Being awful and fancying myself a National Geographic photographer, I decided to take his picture. This upset him. He screamed at us and lunged for the boat but couldn't quite reach. I still feel disrespectful.
  6. "Yacht Owner"
    On vacation a couple years ago my two friends and I snuck onto someone's private yacht and stole a few things: three bottles of wine, a hat that had "Captain" stitched onto the front, and what is now my favorite bottle opener (we're shit-heads, I know). I often wonder what he/she thought when they discovered our crime. I hope they weren't too upset.