Inspired by @drugs
  1. "Psychotic Girl" by The Black Keys
    Erotic Thriller set in 17th century France. I am the 'psychotic girl' who, after being spurned by my lover, puts her son in an Iron Mask forever.
  2. "Dopeman" by Vince Staples
    I'm the new addition to a gang of teens up to no good. I'm not fully sold on the delinquent lifestyle until I'm tempted by a girl who is also part of our crew. Also we're all sentient robots.
  3. "Maybe Tomorrow" by The Stereophonics
    Sweaty, red-tinted sex scene in an edgy, independent drama. She's the young business woman who stole my Grandpa's secret recipe for the perfect Corn Dog batter and made millions.
  4. "Poke" by Childish Gambino
    Coming of age drama. Hot, humid sex scene with a girl I met on vacation on some island. My parents never suspect a thing because they're positive I'll never have sex.
  5. "Secret Smile" by Semisonic
    Big budget, stylish spy movie. I am a CIA agent who seduces my partner in an exotic, foreign country like...errr, France? I don't know. I am a dumb man when it comes to world geography.
  6. "Jungle" by Drake
    The Don's dead. His wife killed him. Now she runs the drug empire and I'm her prize.
  7. "You're so Dark" by Arctic Monkeys
    Mid-90s movie about college aged hackers. The woman and I turn ourselves into code and make love virtually.