1. The film is titled "Carmilla"
    It was directed by my former film professor, Jeff Harder.
  2. This is Carmilla, the Lesbian Vampire:
  3. I played a character credited as "Cow Tipper":
    Though he did actually have a name in the script—"Dan".
  4. "Cow Tipper" is a manipulative High School Senior who just wants to get into this girl "Mindy"s pants.
    I'm always being type casted!
  5. Here I am! Opening my mouth like actors do!
    This was in 2012, shortly after I finished taking very dangerous medication for my acne.
  6. They had to put A LOT of makeup on me because my face skin was too white and bright.
  7. Cow Tipper takes Mindy out to a field to make the moves on her, but is rejected.
    The woman I was acting against was SO SO sweet and helped coached me through our scenes (because I had never formally acted before).
  8. Then I get killed by the vampire queen herself, Carmilla!
    What an honor.
  9. The best part of the whole process was being recognized and chatted up by people at the premiere of the film.
    I guess Cow Tipper was something of a crowd favorite—People loved seeing my douche lord character murdered on screen.
  10. Photo from Premiere.
    Pretty drunk in this.
  11. So I guess hit me up if you need someone to play an unforgivable trash-can person!