I've been keeping a daily journal of my road trip. Here are some lines excised from it. I'll keep updating as the trip continues! WARNING: BORING LIST
  1. "At one point yesterday, Jarrad and I were determined to visit Jefferson City's Haunted Penitentiary, but we both decided it would save time if we just cried and pissed our pants in the car instead."
  2. "Jarrad and I woke up this morning in Limon, Colorado without bed bugs or hatchet wounds, so that was nice."
  3. "Want to feel alive? Shoot photos on a film camera."
  4. "Driving through East Utah is a truly strange experience. There are hours when you're the only living thing on the road, or in sight, and gas stations are the stuff of myth. Where do the lizards get their Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel from??"
  5. "The more we drive the more I think we've accidentally taken the same road trip Goofy takes Max on in "A Goofy Movie".
    Updated: 6/1
  6. "Jarrad and I are a lethally irresistible duo: Jarrad is able to be cool and talk sports with guys' guys and I smile a lot and do a great impression of Jarrad being cool and talking sports."
    Updated 6/2