1. Detective World
    You get to be a 19th Century British Sleuth. In this world it is perpetually night time and slick after a light rain. You mostly just walk around and hang out in British pubs.
  2. Sitcom Writer World
    You get to be the head writer for a TV show.
  3. Time Stopped World
    Takes place in a world where time has suddenly stopped. You can choose either Nighttime or Daytime.
  4. Empty World
    Sorta like "Time Stopped World", except everyone has just suddenly disappeared. You can go wherever you want and look around! Break stuff! Eat good food! Get drunk! Who cares!
  5. Attend Your Own Funeral World
    You get to hear all the nice things people would say about you if you died, and then at the end you surprise them by being alive and they are so so happy.
  6. Mount Everest World
    You attempt to climb Mount Everest, but obviously cannot die.
  7. Hogwarts World
    Duh. But honestly just attending the school and learning and hanging out with friends. No fighting bad guys or anything.
  8. Small town World
    You live in a small Texas town. It's always warm and right at Sunset. There are no bugs.
  9. Rich World
    You are a rich person.
  10. Play Hooky World
    Starts every morning with you calling into work sick with no consequences.
  11. Dating Naomi Harris World
    You are dating Naomie Harris.
  12. Chris Cady High School Experience World
    I am back in High School, just doing very normal stuff. See this for details: "If you enjoyed High School, then fuck you!"
  13. Whoville World
    I go completely and fully Black Hat.
  14. Obama's America World
    A nice vacation spot.
  15. Back in Time World
    You're allowed to bring one item from our present to show off to people in the past. For example, an iPhone. It would blow their damn minds.