The composer was beaten to death in jail...My favorite song from "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt".
  1. 🎶Sometimes I get lost in your big blue eyes.
  2. I just can't help dreamin' 'bout your alabaster thighs.
  3. Though you love to tease and give your Daddy sass,
  4. How I love my baby's naughty little...personality.
  5. You're my baby now, how I love to hug and hold ya.
  6. You're my baby now for when Daddy's arms enfold ya.
  7. And I rock-a-bye my baby in your warm and wooly nightie.
  8. Baby always has a big surprise for Daddy in his diapey.
  9. You're my baby now when you're squirming in my lappy.
  10. Such a big boy, wow. You make Daddy very happy.
  11. Brazen muscles, man you got 'em.
  12. You're the tops and I'm the bottom.
  13. I'm a lucky Daddy because you're my baby now.
  14. But you'll grow up and you'll be gone, then I'll sing a different song...
  15. You're not my baby now.🎶