Thai Restaurant Puns

All real, all the height of creativity and magic
  1. Thaitanic
    My Khao na pet will go on...
  2. Thai Hard
    I know you are but what an Thai?!
  3. Been There Thai'd That
    Arrogant but self assured
  4. Thai'd Up
    Kinky with a side of fried rice
  5. The King and Thai
  6. Thaitanium
    All the girl in the club "I'm bullet prrrrrroooooffff!"
  7. Thai the Knot
    Say Yes to the Bami mu daeng
  8. Wok on in
    ...sit Thai'd down. (Almost)
  9. Thai Foon
    Please donate
  10. N'Thaising
    Winner winner 'Kuai-tiao phat khi mao' dinner