A list of my current favorites, looking forward to seeing if any of these change, many are all time favorites so we shall see
  1. Color. Green
  2. Book(s) Fiction: Alice in Wonderland Non-fiction: Eat to Live, Series: Harry Potter and Anne Rice' Vampire series
  3. Actress. Helena Bonham Carter, Susan Sarandon and Maggie Smith
  4. Actor. Lawrence Fishburn and Steve Carrell
  5. Problematic Actor. Shirley MacLaine
  6. Movie. Wizard of Oz
  7. Animal. Sparrow
  8. Flower. Lilly
  9. SNL Castmember. Gilda Radner
  10. Disney Princess. Merida
  11. Poem. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silvetstein I read his books to my kids and we loved them
  12. Song. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters by Elton John
  13. Album. Moondance by Van Morrison
  14. Parent. Nope. Pass
  15. Chain Restaurant. Chipotle
  16. Non-Chain Restaurant. Triple X
  17. Living Legend. Morgan Freeman
  18. Trash Reality TV. Family Guy
  19. Drama. Downton Abbey
  20. Subject to Tutor. Medical Coding
  21. Candy. Hershey chocolate
  22. Bible Verse. Ephesians 4:32 and Matthew 25:45
  23. Fruit. Grapefruit
  24. Season. Autumn
  25. City. Venice (I hope to visit one day)
  26. Number. 4
  27. College Professor. It's been too long
  28. Holiday. Christmas