I have a red eye but due to sickness/exhaustion, gave up on touristing and arrived at the airport at 3:30pm for my 11:45pm flight.
  1. Witnessed someone work himself into such a tizzy at security that 5 TSA officers were summoned.
    Everyone judged him.
  2. Spent an hour or so composing an email to my therapist. Closed with...
    "Ps I would've sent this through Virtru [secure email app] but I wrote it in Notes and apparently you can't copy and paste into Virtru and omfg there was no fucking way I was typing this shit all out again. I may have 4 hours to kill but lol no. Also it looked so much shorter in Notes. Damn."
  3. Talked on the phone with my dad, whose car leaked 4 quarts of oil today and had to get towed.
    He has to take his first ever Uber to get to work tomorrow and I am very excited to see how it goes.
  4. Ordered 2 muffins and a pumpkin mocha drink from Peet's for dinner. It was clearly the first time this barista had made that particular drink. She served it to me without a lid due to the 2 inches of whipped cream on top and coffee stains covering half the cup due to overfill.
    She tried. I used about 11 napkins cleaning it up.
  5. Uncomfortably sat near a truly awful mother/daughter pair as they bickered in front of the station I was charging my phone at.
    The daughter accused the mother of not listening multiple times, to which I witnessed the mother not responding and/or walking away multiple times. My heart hurts.
  6. The couple I sat next to on my way here recognized me and said hi! We're on the same return flight and they caught me in the middle of my coffee cleanup, but it was so nice to see them! It was like I had friends!
    This trip was my first time traveling alone, so the simple pleasure of seeing familiar faces almost made me cry.
  7. I refrained from taking my 2nd dose of nighttime medicine of the night until getting on the plane, due to genuine fear of passing out and missing my flight.
    My first one has kicked in in a real way and I am that kind of overtired that I feel nauseous.
  8. Added a couple snaps to my snapstory about being in the airport for so long.
    Later remembered that everyone is on EST and no one was seeing it because it's 2am there.
  9. At the time of posting, am sitting in my seat 40 minutes past when we were supposed to take off, and witnessing multiple instances of people being in the wrong seats???