Of meeeeeeeee 💃🏻 warning: not glamorous
  1. Had option to go to brunch with people at 10. Woke up at 3am and couldn't sleep. Turned off alarm and woke up for real at 11am. Glory 🙌🏻
  2. Took dog out. Decided to be adventurous and try tying him up outside Starbucks for the first time. He knocked over a chair and then a metal table on himself and I had to run outside and save him while a table of people watched. 🎉
  3. Out of dog food. Must venture to Target. Spent an hour buying shoes for my sister's wedding (in 2 weeks... I'm a bad maid of honor), buying new lint rollers, Christmas presents for my dog, a new jacket for him, and 30lb bag of food.
  4. Was peer-pressured into getting Petco loyalty card. Saved me $20, but also extended length of unwanted human interaction.
  5. Came home to find that dog had gotten into bag of cookies. Chocolate chip cookies and the peanut butter kind with a Hershey Kiss in them. The worst. Will he throw up? Has he already thrown up and I can't find it? I just made those cookies last night, that is so annoying? I can't believe I just spent $120 at Petco on your existence?
  6. Cuddled with dog.
  7. Slept/rested/worried for an hour before babysitting gig.
  8. Babysitting gig has been cancelled.
  9. Debating whether I should go see a movie or buy dinner and spend the night remaking cookies.
  10. Listing.