1. My sister's friend mentioned her brother was adopted and I asked where he was from.
    I was old enough to know better.
  2. We had a deaf speaker come in for a Psychology of Education class and I tried to ask her about teaching sign language to kids learning to talk and became so beet red that the entire class looked away in secondhand embarrassment and my best friend said she had never seen someone blush so hard.
    I think about this often and still blush.
  3. Quoting Jack Johnson's "Sitting Waiting Wishing" lyrics in an email about how I was angsting for the recipient's reply to my previous email.
    The horror. 13 year olds should not email.
  4. Shaking my dermatologist's hand when I came in for an appointment for no apparent reason. She was completely unprepared for it.
    She clearly remembered this painfully awkward encounter because she shook my hand when I came in 6 months later. We both knew why.