1. Anna, freshman year of college
    A music major whose belongings overflowed well over her half of our room, had 8am classes every single day of both semesters, and the clincher: Skyped with her cat from home, which often included yelling at the computer for her mom to come and put Peabody back in the frame.
  2. Kelly, fall of sophomore year
    Started out strangers, ended up best friends.
  3. Cait, junior year
    Best friend from our semester abroad the previous semester. A year older and wiser, my workout buddy, and my faithful nail painting partner. Spent majority of her time studying for the LSAT and applying to law school. Still keep in touch.
  4. Christina, senior year
    Started out strangers, became close, ended up merely amicable after she and another friend screwed me over pretty bad on a post-grad housing opportunity.
  5. "The Gay Guys," summer after college
    Tommy (26), social worker. Conner and Kevin (23), unemployed. We watched a lot of Bravo TV together, I went almost exclusively to gay bars with them that summer and still managed to hook up with people, and was exposed to RuPaul's Drag Race and what a sex positive environment looked like 🎉 I love them dearly.
  6. "The Shy Guys," beginning of grad school
    2 guys from my grad program. One was from Vietnam and still had some trouble with English, slept on the floor for the first few weeks he lived with us, and cooked and ate only with his rice maker, one single bowl, and a pair of chopsticks. The other guy was high-functioning autistic, had sporadic anger outbursts, but also loved my dog so much. Sweet guys, but not very talkative and basically felt like I was living alone.
  7. Basically, v happy to be living alone, highly recommend.