*A dog that I walk, not my own dog
  1. B is a 7 year old pit mix, who was adopted just this past year. She is reactive, which in dog world means she is as sweet as can be, unless she sees something she's scared of, at which point she is an aggressive, loud, spitfire. Bea is afraid of other dogs, but a real lover of people.
  2. She's made great improvement over the last few months I've walked her. If I see another dog in our path and we can't cross the street, I have her sit, which luckily she's super obedient with, and distract her til the dog passes.
  3. She used to strain against sitting and would bark and become anxious when the dog passed by, but now she sits calmly and let's me talk to her.
    I'd like to think this is because she trusts me to take care of her.
  4. And last week, right as we left her house and started down the back alley, a neighbor's dog escaped and made a beeline for B and attacked.
  5. He was bigger than her, he was vicious, and I couldn't get him off her.
  6. Her owner followed shortly after him, saying he had slipped out.
    The dog did have a leash on.
  7. But still, we struggled for probably a minute while she attempted to tear him off her, and I tried to get B away.
  8. She needed surgery that night. She's wearing a cone, and she's sad. She needed 2 drains put in, and she has stitches in several places.
  9. And the dog that attacked her was a pit bull.
  10. And I have a pit bull. A pit mix, sure, but a large dog, just a little smaller than the one that attacked.
  11. And I hate that this attack made me fear pit bulls, made me scared for others who have had experiences like this, who are scared of my dog, simply because of how he looks.
  12. Her owner and I talked for a long while about if he should report this dog to animal control.
  13. We're both so aware that because B herself can be reactive, it probably could have happened to us. She could have seen a dog when we weren't paying attention and gone after it. We might not have been able to get to her before she did damage.
  14. It was not an easy decision, but he did report this dog.
  15. A significant factor in this decision was that the most serious wounds B sustained were to her neck and back leg/rump.
  16. He learned that these are the areas that a dog goes for when it is trying to kill.
  17. And I'm sad about it. I'm sad that B got hurt, that I couldn't have stopped it, that this owner allowed this to happen, to perpetuate that pit bulls are vicious animals. I'm sad that my own dog sees effects of this stigma.
  18. I don't know what will happen to the attack dog. I don't know if he'll be put down. I do know that there is not an outcome that I will be gratified by.
  19. I don't have any big soapbox. I'm not coming down on pit bulls. I'm not fighting for putting down aggressive animals.
  20. I'm sad that a dog I love got hurt.