Remembering Mimi

My mom's mom died over the weekend, after living with Parkinson's for 6 years.
  1. My grandfather died while my mom was pregnant with me, so I only ever knew Mimi on her own.
  2. She was the smartest person I knew. Her favorite game was Scrabble and she watched Jeopardy every day.
  3. Due to the above two points, I always harbored a secret wish that Mimi would meet Alex Trebek and he would become my grandpa.
    They even looked alike.
  4. One time when my parents had a wedding to go to and they took my older sister, Mimi watched me. It was the only time I really remember being by myself with her as a kid.
  5. While I was there, I farted, and she said, "Bless you." I'm not sure if she thought I had sneezed or what, but I giggled for the rest of the night.
    And now, whenever I think about it 😂
  6. She had degrees in biology and chemistry, and after her kids were in school, she went back to school and became a nurse. She worked the night shift at a children's hospital.
  7. After she retired, she volunteered at the library. I always associate her with books.
  8. She was a great traveler, and to unusual places. One time she brought me money from Croatia, and I had never even heard of that country when I was a kid.
  9. She had 5 kids. My mom and her twin sister are the youngest.
  10. The last time I saw her was over Labor Day weekend, on my birthday. She had been staying in a geriatric psychiatric ward, and she was scared and confused, but when I walked in she knew me and she was so relieved to see me.
  11. It meant a great deal to my sister and especially my mom that she was able to make it to my sisters wedding in January. I just remember how Mimi teared up when she saw me at my sister's bridal shower. She hadn't known I was flying up from DC.
  12. I will miss her very much.