1. My name is Christine Margaret.
  2. If I was a boy, I would have been named Jack, after my mom's dad. He passed away while she was pregnant with me.
  3. My mom actually wanted to name me Teresa, but when my dad said he would call me Terri, it was immediately out of the running.
    Thank God.
  4. Margaret is for my mom's mom, who passed away last month.
  5. In 2nd grade, I went up to my mom and said, "Mommy. I want to be called Chris." I have gone by Chris ever since.
  6. I always hated the name Christine, and right before high school, I seriously considered going by Maggie, for my middle name Margaret.
  7. My sister made so much fun of me for this that I didn't do it. But I think i would have been a good Maggie.
  8. Starbucks baristas almost always spell it Kris.
  9. My sister and my childhood friends still call me Christine.
  10. My dad and almost everyone else calls me Chris.
  11. My mother only ever calls me Christine Margaret. Or Beana.
  12. All of 3 my mom's sisters call me Beana or Beaner (variations of 'Christine Bean')
    This private family nickname is very special to me.