I say at least two of these every time I take him out.
  1. Don't worry, he's friendly!
    I get that he can be scary looking. I usually say this right off the bat to anyone who gives him a second look or is walking another dog. Brody was fostered with 5 other dogs, he's totally cool with other dogs.
  2. Yes, he's very strong.
    And I have the leash arm bicep to prove it.
  3. I promise he's nice.
    He fucking loves people, and basically assumes everyone he meets has come across his path solely to meet and pet him.
  4. Yes, he is big.
    Sorry not sorry. He can't do anything about how big he is.
  5. This is Brody!
    I find that it's harder to be scared of something when you know what it is? Idk, but I try to introduce Brody to people and that seems to help a lot with people who seem wary or scared or him.
  6. Sorry!
    We are still working on learning that not everyone we meet in the elevator wants to pet us.
  7. Hi! Do you want to meet Brody? He's really nice and loves when you pet him! Good job!
    To kids. Brody is so good with kids.
  8. Haha nope he's not part horse!
    Wow you're hilarious!
  9. Yes, this is as big as he'll get.
    Believe it or not we live in a studio apartment and do just fine!
  10. Yeah, he's much bigger than he looks on snapchat and Instagram. Everyone says that.
    Literally everyone says that.
  11. And now, pictures because why not
  12. Ugh he's so cute
  13. Ugh so happy
  14. Ugh such a good cuddler
  15. Ayyyy
  16. Burrito Brodes!
  17. MORAL OF THE STORY/LIST: please don't judge a dog by their breed 👍🏻